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One of the biggest inventions  that has dramatically changed the way we go through each day.  But the computer still has its issues... the topics here are answering those questions about things we can accomplish ourselves to fix things, to adjust things, to see things differently. 

Setting up email accounts, the do's and don'ts of sending email, the various email programs...online or in your computer.  It's enough to make you crosseyed.

What an annoyance!  Everything goes along just fine and suddenly you get an error.  What does it mean and how do you fix it?  We've all encountered these headaches so maybe this list will help.  :)

Don't you just love those new toys and gadgets?  They can be useful and frustrating at the same time.

Getting your website created is chock full of details, details, details.  What is required?  What does it cost?  Find your answer here.

As devices become more and more 'intelligent' and users become more and more dependent on them, Internet security is a big deal.  It is not just for setting your privacy choices in Facebook...it's nearly everything.  Shopping online, emails, signing up with your utility accounts or even setting up a new computer.  You MUST BE DILIGENT to prevent any problems.

Gotta have them. You can find anything.  How to use them, how they promote, what to do.